Chris Royle

Year of Call 2009

General Profile

1993-1996:      MA Computer Sciences (Honours, Class 2.i) Gonville & Caius                         College, Cambridge

1996-2008:      Founder of a computer/network security business, sold in 2006

2006-2008:      Graduate Diploma in Law, BPP Law School

2008-2009:      Bar Vocational Course, BPP Law School (Very Competent)

                        LL.B., BPP Law School (First Class Honours – additional academic                         law)

                        Called to the Bar by the Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn

                        Lincoln’s Inn Buchannan Prizewinner (highest score in the year at                         BPP Leeds)

                        Levitt Pupillage Scholarship (Lincoln’s Inn)

2012-2018       Appointed to the Attorney General’s Regional Panel of Junior                                            Counsel to the Crown



Notable cases


Chris has been involved in a number of notable cases, including:


Urgent injunctive relief to prevent sale of a property by a personal representative in a case involving a lost will.


Emergency injunctive relief to regain control of Internet domain names for an e-commerce website operator


Application for declaratory relief for a High Court Enforcement Officer in possession of an asset subject to a freezing injunction pursuant to a $13m writ of control


Barnsley MBC v Hadfield [2019] P.T.S.R. 111[2018] EWHC 866 (QB) (Test for injunctive relief for breach of a tree preservation order; test for whether new growth included in tree preservation orders)


Clarke v Lighting & Lamps UK and another [2016] EWCA Civ 1454 (Clarification of the test on late amendment of appeal notices.)


Chandra v Mayor [2016] EWHC 2636 (Ch) (Enforceability of costs orders against represented defendants.)


Re X (Application for Income Payments Order) [2014] BPIR 1081 (which considered the ability of a trustee in bankruptcy to require a bankrupt to draw down a pension lump sum, more recently considered in the Court of Appeal with a similar result).


West Sussex County Council v Persons Unknown [2013] EWHC 4024 (QB) (The eviction of the Balcombe ‘fracking’ protesters.)



Professional Experience


Chris has wide-ranging experience in all of chambers’ main areas of work. His practice focuses particularly on property (including landlord & tenant), traditional chancery and commercial law. He has experience of appellate advocacy, having been involved in eight appeals in 2016 alone.


Chris has a specialist practice in the law of enforcement by certificated enforcement agents (formerly bailiffs) and High Court Enforcement Officers. He regularly advises and appears for such clients in regulatory and commercial matters.  


Chris also has a significant practice in the law of non-domestic rating and council tax in the Magistrates' Courts.


Having had 10 years’ experience founding and running a technology business specialising in computer and network security, Chris has a useful insight into the practicalities of commercial transactions and operations. He is ideally placed to assist with IT services disputes in the commercial or employment contexts.


In relation to each area of law in which he practises, Chris is happy to consider instructions in professional negligence claims.



Practice Area: Property


A significant proportion of Chris’s practice is property-related.


  • Boundary disputes & adverse possession – advising, drafting and appearing at trial in boundary and other neighbour disputes


  • Easements (including easements of light and rights arising by necessity or common intention) and restrictive covenants – including applications for injunctions to restrain interference


  • Rights arising under constructive or resulting trusts, and proprietary estoppel – including advising and appearing in a case of land transferred to another subject to oral assurances of re-transfer to the buyer


  • Title fraud – advising and appearing at mediation in an 11-party matter involving 4 properties, involving insolvency issues


  • Landlord & Tenant – including appearing at trial of an action for unreasonable failure to consent to assign; advising on landlord's remedies in respect of abandoned property


  • Tree Preservation Orders – advising and appearing on ex-parte, without notice injunction to restrain commission of offences under the Town and Country Planning Act 1990; matter proceeding to trial


  • Possession – advising and drafting in all such matters, including one high-rental tenancy exempt from the provisions of the Housing Act 1988, and another complex matter involving partnership dissolution


  • Professional negligence – including a 'second-tier' claim against solicitors for under-settling an action against negligent conveyancers


  • Protesters and trespassers – including appearing for the local authority landowner in  the Balcombe 'fracking' protesters eviction case



Practice Area: Traditional Chancery


  • Injunctions – for delivery up and to restrain interference with proprietary rights


  • Inheritance Act claims – including advising on merits and settlement in a claim to a substantial estate by an adult illegitimate child


  • Constructive and Resulting trusts – advising on recovery of property subject to trust in the hands of an intestate deceased where no letters of administration had been taken


  • Wills & Probate – advising on proper distribution of an estate 



Practice Area: Commercial Chancery & Contractual/other Disputes


  • Trusts and company disputes – advising on competing claims to assets of a religious institution; Pallant v Morgan constructive trusts


  • IT and Telecommunications disputes – for example, advising on claims for defective IT service provision or termination of telecommunications services, including injunctive relief to recover unlawfully held Internet domain names and control over hosted services


  • Commercial injunctions – appearing on an application to restrain disconnection of electricity supply; appearing out of hours by telephone to obtain interim injunction for delivery up of goods; advising on freezing orders and injunctions to restrain breach of database rights


  • Conversion – appearing at trial where a landlord had retained the tenant's goods and marketed the property with them in situ; advising on landlord's remedies in cases of abandoned goods


  • Negligent misstatement – appearing at trial against a service provider in respect of a defective plan


  • Warrants of entry – under the 1954 Rights of Entry (Gas and Electricity Boards) Act 1954


  • Shams – advising and appearing in cases of alleged sham documents including leases



Practice Area: Insolvency


  • Administration – appearing on applications to extend or validate appointment


  • Injunctions – to restrain presentation or advertisement


  • Prior transactions – appearing on contested applications in relation to preferences, transactions at an undervalue, and defrauding creditors


  • Petitions – appearing in personal and corporate insolvency, including contested actions


  • Public Interest – appearing on applications to appoint a provision liquidator and public interest winding up


  • Directors disqualification – appearing for the Secretary of State or Official Receiver; advising debtors


  • Committal – appearing for debtor failing to disclose income


  • Receivers – advising on appointment and discharge; appearing at contested discharge hearing


  • Impact on enforcement – advising on the effect of insolvency procedures on execution of writs and warrants of control



Practice Area: Enforcement Law


  • Third-party claims to controlled goods (CPR Part 85, formerly Sheriff's Interpleader) – advising and appearing in contested claims


  • Complaints – advising on and appearing in Form EAC2 complaints as to fitness (formerly 'Form 4' complaints), and to the High Court Enforcement Officer's association. Chris is the author of a guide to the litigation of such complaints


  • Claims by debtors and third parties – advising on and appearing in claims brought against enforcement agents in, for example, conversion, trespass and restitution


  • Office-holder applications – applications for declaratory, costs and other relief by certificated enforcement agents and High Court Enforcement Officers


  • Exempt Goods – advising on, and appearing at hearings where exemptions are contested, including as to the applicability of the 'tool of the trade' exemption can benefit a body corporate


  • Rights of entry and entry by force – advising on the availability of such rights under various types of writ and warrant


  • Schedule 12 to the 2007 Act – advising on all procedural aspects of the procedure and the Taking Control of Goods Regulations 2013 together with the Taking Control of Goods (Fees) Regulations 2014


  • Insolvency – advising on the impact of insolvency procedures on enforcement



Practice Area: Non-domestic rating (NNDR) and Council tax


  • Liability orders – advising and appearing at directions hearings and trial (5 days) in contested matters in the Magistrates' Courts in respect of Non-Domestic Rates and/or Council Tax liability, including charitable and other exemptions



Privacy notice

Chris collects, uses and is responsible for your personal information collected during the course of providing legal services as a barrister. He is the data controller in respect of this information for the purposes of the Data Protection Act 2018 and the General Data Protection Regulation.

The members of Enterprise Chambers have a privacy policy which sets out what information they obtain about you, why and how they use it.  This policy also sets out your rights.  Members also have a data retention policy which sets out how long they keep information for and why.

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