Linden Ife

Year of Call 1982

General Profile

Linden specialises in insolvency and business litigation, featuring the liabilities of directors and office holders, the recovery of assets by office holders in an insolvency, and asset finance and ownership disputes. In particular she has regularly acted in disputes about voidable transactions, removal of office holders (in which she appeared in the leading case of Clydesdale Financial Services v Smailes [2011] 2 BCLC 405), breach of fiduciary duty, knowing receipt and dishonest assistance, securities and guarantees and their respective priorities, retention of title and seller/buyer in possession, agency, and breach of confidence. Linden is consistently recommended as a leading practitioner by the directories in Insolvency, Commercial Chancery, Company, and Commercial Dispute Resolution.



The Directories


Linden is ranked as a leading practitioner in the areas of Commercial Litigation, Company and Insolvency by Legal 500 and Chambers UK.


"More than capable of holding her own with a QC, she's economical in her submissions, she doesn't take bad points, and she gets to the heart of the case very quickly." "She takes a commercial approach, and doesn't just tell you what the law is and then leave you to work out what to do."

(Chambers & Partners 2018)


"She is very to the point, very focused and very good at getting everyone to pull in the same direction."

(Chambers & Partners 2018)


‘She delivers ferociously robust advocacy that instils immeasurable confidence in the client.’

(Legal 500 2017)


‘She is very solution-oriented and always has the commercial objective in mind.’ 

(Legal 500 2017)   


‘A very safe pair of hands.’

(Legal 500 2017)


“She is very forthright and has a knack for presenting an argument in a way that the judges find convincing. She has all the casework at her fingertips and is technically very sound”

(Chambers & Partners 2017)


“Linden provides superb support and is able to analyse very knotty legal problems quickly and effectively”

(Chambers & Partners 2017)


“She is tenacious, and able to hold her own in difficult circumstances”

(Chambers & Partners 2017)


“She readily impresses clients and is technically knowledgeable across a broad spread of law”

(Legal 500, 2016)

“She provides a sterling service”

(Legal 500, 2016)

“She is incredibly user-friendly, and gets to grips with highly complex matters at phenomenal speed”

(Legal 500, 2016)


"Intellectually speaking, she's frighteningly quick but most importantly she is a very persuasive advocate. I've seen her turn judges around."

(Chambers & Partners 2016)


"She is really great at getting stuck into producing creative arguments."
(Chambers & Partners 2016)


"We go to her with quite complex, often very challenging characters on the other side as she's very robust and can be our rottweiler if we need her to be."
(Chambers & Partners 2016)


"Linden Ife consistently impresses with the depth and breadth of her knowledge and advocacy skills, which, combined with her commerciality, make her a formidable force and good to have on your side."
(Chambers & Partners 2016)


"She is highly recommended for complex insolvency matters."
(Chambers & Partners 2016)


“Has a strong reputation among peers at the Commercial Bar for her intelligent approach to a variety of matters. She is especially experienced at handling insolvency proceedings, and those dealing with directorial liability.”

(Chambers & Partners 2015)


“Formidable in court; quick to absorb herself in what can be complex factual issues”

(Legal 500 2015)  


“Technically superb, very responsive and easy to use”

(Legal 500 2015)  


“Well able to keep pushing the client’s case in the face of strong opposition”

(Legal 500 2015)


"A formidable advocate who is never intimidated and has no difficulty in arguing against silks."

(Chambers UK 2015)


"Linden is incisive and clear-thinking, and quickly gets to the nub of an issue."

(Chambers UK 2015)


"Highly regarded for her expertise in breach of fiduciary duty claims and matters concerning allegations of dishonest assistance."

(Chambers UK 2014)


“She has a powerful courtroom presence, and immediately takes command of the situation.”

(Legal 500 2014)


“A tenacious advocate with excellent technical ability.”

(Legal 500 2014)


“Quick on her feet and dominates the court.”

(Legal 500 2014)


“Extremely good in court…a superb advocate.”

(Chambers UK 2014)


“A persuasive advocate, who is forceful when it is necessary to get her point over. She is commercially astute and has excellent technical knowledge.”

(Chambers UK 2014)


“She is confident with her advice and is a good advocate in hostile cases.”

(Chambers UK 2014)


"She garners particular praise for the quality of her analysis."
(Chambers UK 2014)


"Peers admire her for being a “fierce and formidable advocate” who is "very resolute, very tough and can take any amount of flak while all the time providing sound advice to her clients"

(Chambers UK 2013)



Notable Cases


Linden currently represents lenders, including Abbey and Santander, in a series of actions against Lloyds underwriters and professional advisers regarding the activities of claims management companies (Re Claims Direct Plc and Re The Accident Group Ltd).


She obtained judgment for an aviation maintenance company in claims against a former director and third parties for breach of duty, dishonest assistance, knowing receipt, conspiracy and inducing breach of contract (Aerostar Maintenance International Ltd v Wilson and others [2010] EWHC 2032 and [2012] EWHC 1353).

Linden is advising a major finance leasing company in relation to the enforceability of its finance leases to public bodies.


She is also advising several liquidators on numerous matters including voidable transaction claims, international jurisdiction under the EC Regulation, and charge priority disputes. She also acted for a lender in the successful removal office holders (Clydesdale Financial Services Ltd v Smailes [2011] BCLC 405).


She represented lenders in a dispute as to whether a charge was a security financial collateral arrangement and so exempt from registration (Re F2G Realisations Ltd (in liquidation); Gray v GTP Group Ltd [2011] 1 BCLC 313: see also under Publications below).


Linden acted for Bank of Scotland in its successful claims under various letters of credit where breach of their terms was alleged.





Enterprise Chambers Annotated Guide to Insolvency Legislation and Practice, published by LexisNexis, in particular relating to voidable transactions


An article by Linden in The Lawyer on her case of Re F2G Realisations Ltd (in liquidation); Gray v GTP Group Ltd [2011] 1 BCLC 313 appears at



Areas of Emphasis


Insolvency – all aspects of insolvency and rescue


Commercial litigation




Professional negligence involving accountants, auditors and insolvency practitioners



Career & Associations


MA (Hons) Jurisprudence (Oxon)

Harmsworth Major Law Scholarship; Winston Churchill Pupillage Prize

Called to the Bar 1982

Member of Association of Business Recovery Professionals

Member of Chancery Bar Association

Laurence Olivier Theatre Awards Panellist 2001-2002

Governor of London Metropolitan University, Property & Finance Committees (to 2006)

Trustee of Almeida Theatre (2003 – 2013)

Trustee of Cardboard Citizens (2015 - )



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