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Queen’s Bench Division Counter Update

Updates to Queen's Bench Division Counter Operations

HMCTS have provided an update to temporary changes to the Queen’s Bench Division Counters

The following counters will close, but services will continue from nearby counters and offices.

These counters will temporarily close:

E07 – Queen’s Bench Issues, Enforcement and Masters Listing
E15 – Queen’s Bench Enforcement, Deed Poll and Bills of Sale
E14 – Foreign Process
WGO8 – Queen’s Bench Listing
C324 – Administrative Court Issues
WGO7 – Administrative Court Listing

Please use these nearby counters instead:

• E01 (The Fees Office counter): Claim forms and other related documentation.
• Bear Garden (East Block): Bundles for Queen’s Bench Masters hearings
• Court 37 (West Green building): Bundles for Queen’s Bench and Administrative Court hearings

Contacting the court

You can still contact us by email using a dedicated email address for each court: