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Enterprise Chambers Invites Applications For Tenancy In All Locations

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We offer unassessed mini pupillages of up to two days to suitably qualified applicants.

Applicants should preferably be in the second year or above of their undergraduate degree.  School visits/work placements are not offered.

Offers will normally only be made to those applicants who have studied some law at degree level or on the Graduate Diploma in Law.  However, all applications will be assessed according to their individual merits and in exceptional circumstances, offers may be made to applicants who have not yet studied any law, but intend to do so.

Applications will only be considered if made on the Chambers’ application form, which can be downloaded below.  All applications should either be sent by post to the centre to which the application is made (London, Leeds or Newcastle) addressed to “The Mini Pupillage Secretary” or by email to the following email addresses:

For further guidance on the application for a mini pupillage, please see the text at the end of the application form.

Chambers operates rounds for applying for mini pupillage.  These are set out below:

  • For mini pupillages between 1st January to 30th March – Apply by 1st November, you will receive a response by 1st December;
  • For mini pupillages 1st May to 31st August – Apply by 1st February, you will receive a response by 1st March; and
  • For mini pupillages 1st September to 31st December – Apply by 1st June, you will receive a response by 1st July.

Applicants should bear in mind that demand for summer mini pupillages is invariably high.  Owing to Chambers’ round of assessed mini-pupillages for pupillage portal candidates, mini pupillage is not offered in London in the month of April

Please click here to download EC Mini Pupillage Form