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Year of Call: 1994


T: 0113 246 0391

Clerk: Joanne Caunt

Clerk: Ellen McInall


Bruce specialises in property advice and litigation.  He is also very experienced in wills, trusts and probate, as well as partnership disputes, banking, construction, insurance and professional negligence matters.

  • Bruce relishes working with those instructing him and engaging them on the detail of the case; his skeleton arguments in particular are tours de force!

    Chambers and Partners
  • Bruce is a very talented property lawyer

    Legal 500
  • Bruce is a very able advocate with a genuine eye for detail. He is very clear with clients and quickly gains their confidence

    Legal 500
  • Bruce is a very calm and persuasive advocate

    Chambers and Partners
  • Bruce is very accessible, very hands-on and can relay complex legal points in an easy-to-understand way for clients.

    Chambers and Partners
  • Bruce is good at dealing with complicated matters and working out which bits of the jigsaw will fit

    Chambers and Partners
  • He is extraordinarily hard-working and relentless in his pursuit of a case

    Chambers and Partners
  • He is extraordinarily hard-working and relentless in his pursuit of a case

    Chambers and Partners
  • Technically very strong, commercial and good with clients

    Legal 500
  • A very clever barrister with good analytical skills and very good to work with

    Legal 500
  • A brilliant barrister.

    Legal 500
  • The best barrister for property dispute work outside London...Meticulous, thorough and good to work with. He's a team player and has given us some good guidance.

    Chambers and Partners
  • Incredibly thorough. He works as part of the team and is very good with clients. He really does get in the trenches with you...He cuts through a lot of technical issues to get to the crux of the problem. He has a calm and straightforward manner in court.

    Chambers and Partners
  • Thorough, meticulous and tenacious. He goes through his papers with great thought, remains on top of his brief at all times and is fearless before the judges...He is good to work with and a real team player.

    Chambers and Partners
  • He has a very calm, measured approach and is very knowledgeable, with a good client care manner. He is my number one port of call.

    Chambers and Partners
  • He is incredibly bright, incredibly thorough, and incredibly knowledgeable about his area...He has strong advocacy skills.

    Chambers and Partners
  • A forceful and commercially astute advocate, with very good knowledge of the law and a good bedside manner.

    Legal 500
  • Possesses an exceptional reputation for his expertise in disputes relating to nonpossessory interests, including easements, covenants and rights of way. His other strengths include landlord and tenant cases and boundary disputes.

    Chambers and Partners
  • He is meticulous in his detail and his skeleton arguments are wonderful. He can turn a losing case into a winner.

    Chambers and Partners
  • I have no hesitation in preferring Mr Walker's submissions on these issues.

    Floyd LJ in Court v. van Dijk
  • Mr Walker has made very persuasive arguments on this point.

    Aikens LJ on permission application in Court v. van Dijk
  • … it was an argument which was advanced with considerable skill by Mr. Walker.

    Coulson J in Harrogate BC v. Crossland
  • … we were considerably assisted by a very good and detailed skeleton argument on behalf of the respondents from Mr Walker.

    Elias LJ in Oliver v. Burgess & Symons
  • … the logical attraction and cool clarity of Mr Walker’s treatise on title.

    Mummery LJ in Thompson v. Bee

Practice Areas

Career and Associations

Northern Chancery Bar Association

Chancery Bar Association

Property Bar Association

Gray’s Inn

Prince of Wales Scholar 1993, Gray’s Inn

Prince of Wales Scholar 1992, Gray’s Inn

University of Westminster

Sheffield University

Downing College, Cambridge University

The Manchester Grammar School


Procter v Procter: Partners Beware – The Paradox of Non-Exclusive “Exclusive Possession”.