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In the third part of our Junior Litigation Series, we will be focusing on insolvency.

Topics and Speakers:

  • Section 423 of the Insolvency Act 1986 and the recent case of Integral Petroleum SA v Petrogat FZE & Ors [2023] EHWC 44 (Comm). – Samuel Hodge
  • Validation orders and s.127 IA 1986 – Bertram Beor-Roberts
  • S.214 Insolvency Act a brief overview of the wrongful trading provision, a summary of the decision in BTI 2014 LLC v Sequana SA [2022] UKSC 25 | [2022] 3 W.L.R. 709 and its implications going forward – Claire Thompson

This series is aimed at our clients with little or no knowledge of the topic areas or for those looking for a refresher. More junior practitioners are particularly welcomed. We invite you to circulate this internally to include any other department for whom it might of interest.


Recording is available below

JLS – Insolvency
Passcode: J.5xK&4D