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In light of the recent collapse of BHS, Linden Ife’s article revisits when a director can extract dividends from a failing company.
23rd September 2016
Emma Humphrey and James Pickering address the landlord's position
16th August 2016
David Peachey discusses the implications for both landlords and tenants, of the right to rent checks introduced by the Immigration Act 2014.
16th February 2016
Part Two of an article for The Gay UK co-authored by David Peachey
3rd February 2016
Jennifer Meech details the requirements for managers to achieve value for money and explains how service charge is divided with Edward Williams of Charles Russell Speechlys
29th January 2016
David Peachey considers the much anticipated Supreme Court decision in Marks and Spencer plc v BNP Paribas Securities Services Trust Company (Jersey) Ltd.
19th January 2016
Q&A Shaiba Ilyas explains how to establish an intention under this ground with Georgina Redsell Charles Russell Speechlys.
4th January 2016
Part One of an article for The Gay UK co-authored by David Peachey
27th December 2015
Matthew West discusses this vast practice area with Lawyer Monthly
17th December 2015
Q&A Bernard Weatherill QC explains when damages may be claimed with Lauren Fraser of Charles Russell Speechlys.
30th November 2015
Robert Duddridge considers the recovery of landlords' legal costs under indemnity provisions in residential leases.
24th November 2015
Kavan Gunaratna considers the statutory schemes and case law governing overriding interests.
18th August 2015
Q&A James Davies and Robert Highmore explain landlords’ duty to protect deposits
1st August 2015
Bernard Weatherill QC is interviewed by Lawyer Monthly Magazine
24th July 2015
Caroline Hutton discusses rights and remedies in relation to positive covenants.
2nd July 2015
:an interview with Bernard Weatherill, QC.
9th June 2015
Q&A Susannah Markandya and Chloe Benson address issues raised by the M&S appeal
6th June 2015
Q&A Jeremy Hudson and Edward Francis consider when a constructive trust may arise between partners in a joint venture
2nd May 2015
David Peachey co-authors an article about a population still seeking equality and inclusion
19th April 2015
Q&A Emma Humphreys and James Pickering consider when landlords can say no
4th April 2015
Q&A James Souter and Robert Duddridge consider landlords’ right to deny tenant requests
7th February 2015
Published: February 2014 edition of Corporate Rescue and Insolvency.
1st August 2014