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Enterprise Chambers Invites Applications For Tenancy In All Locations

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Following the successful completion of our Property-Insolvency Masterclass held on 14th May and then re-run on 18th & 19th May due to popular demand, we attach the handout notes and hope they will be of assistance.

As a recap the Webinar consisted of the following topics;

Kavan GunaratnaProperty-Insolvency Case Law Update

Kavan reviews key cases and legislative developments that all practitioners in the property/insolvency field should be aware of.

Claire Thompson – Mastering Possession & Sale Applications

Claire identifies common pitfalls and traps for the unwary, for practitioners dealing with Trustee’s applications for possession and sale

Amit GuptaSection 127 in the Property Context

Amit unravels Akers v Samba and consider other thorny issues posed by the application of sections 127 and 284 IA 1986 in the property and trusts context