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Enterprise Chambers Invites Applications For Tenancy In All Locations

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In a series of six short video presentations Kelly Bond draws together the current guidance on the operation of the civil courts.

1. Resources – where to find current guidance, protocols and policies
2. New Practice Directions – PD51Y, PD51Z and PD51ZA
3. Hearings – how remote hearings are working in practice and sources of practical help
4. County Court – what’s been happening and listing priorities
5. High Court – High Court Contingency Plan and court / division-specific practices
6. Court of Appeal and Supreme Court – how the appellate courts are operating

Information is current as at 9:00 a.m. on 9 April 2020 and will be updated from time to time. Many courts are issuing their own local guidance. Please contact our clerks for further information about current practice in your area.